5 Good Computer Maintenance Habits to Develop

Computer Maintenance Habits
Computer Maintenance Habits

The personal computer is increasingly becoming the hub of our lives, even as the smartphone continues to ascend to its place besides the desktop PC as an extension of our digital living. In some ways, your computer could be as important as your car. It helps you look for work, it keeps you connected to other people, and it enables you to access a whole range of services that are both important and useful. Shouldn’t you invest just as much time into taking care of your computer as you would making sure your car was properly serviced? Good and regular computer maintenance can mean the difference between having to replace your machine after only three years and being able to extend its life to five years and beyond. There are many simple computer maintenance steps everyone should take.

Defragment Your Hard Drive Regularly

While it might not seem like an important thing to do, one of the biggest causes for slowdown in computer systems is simply the fragmentation of files across the hard drive. This occurs during normal use and operation of the computer, but if left to build up, it can really make your computer drag even when trying to accomplish simple tasks. While defragging your hard drive can take a long time, especially if you’ve never done it before, it’s well worth the speed boost it’ll bring you. Schedule your computer to defragment itself overnight while you sleep so you don’t have to try and work around it, and be sure you can let the entire process finish at once. Make this a regular part of your computer-using habits.

Keep Your Antivirus Up to Date

Keep An Up Dated Antivirus
Keep An Up-dated Antivirus

There’s no reason to not be protected against computer viruses when free software is so prevalent, but just installing the software isn’t enough to stay safe. You’ll need to make sure the virus definitions file, which is how the software knows what software is good and bad, is kept up to date. Most programs will allow you to schedule updates, but since restarts might be required, you might not want to risk losing work to let an update run. Be vigilant about checking your antivirus software and asking it to check for updates; when it does alert you to a new available version, you should make sure it gets installed right away.

Back Up Your Data

How many people have lost months worth of work because their computer crashed and they had no backup? Save yourself from this headache by researching various backup solutions and discovering which one is right for you. This could be an external hard drive or a second internal drive set up with software that makes regular copies for safekeeping, or a third party service that keeps your information safe in a different location. Even when you’re being vigilant, a hard drive failure can sneak up on you, or a virus might elude your software and wreak havoc with your data. Keeping your information secure and protected is a vital part of regular computer maintenance.

Keep Your Case Clean and Dust-Free

When was the last time you opened up your computer case and cleaned out the inside of it? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably “never.” However, there is a lot of dust and grime that’s building up on the inside of your computer, and you should be making every effort to keep this from happening. Go down to your local store and buy a can of compressed air, then figure out how to get the sides of your computer case off. Use the canned air on things such as the video card and its fans, the CPU heatsink and its cooling fan or fins, all of the fans that blow air in or out of the case, and of course, you should always keep your power supply free of any dust as this is is a potential fire hazard.

Reinstall That Operating System for a Fresh Start

Reinstalling Your Operating System Before Is Too Late
Reinstall Your Operating System Before Is Too Late

Although it can be frustrating, if you keep good backup copies that you can restore from, reinstalling your operating system can actually be quite simple. Isn’t it wonderful when you buy a new computer and it boots up in just a few seconds flat? You can get that speed back by reinstalling your operating system, which you should be doing about once a year anyway in order to keep the software running exactly as it’s supposed to. This will help cut down on clutter on your hard drive, and translate to a faster computing experience for you.

Common Household Issues That Are Unhealthy

This Is An Unhealthy Home
This Is An Unhealthy Home
You might find yourself wondering if your house is a safe haven from disease, or whether or not it’s actually generating a ton of issues that can really end up being disgusting and gross somewhere down the line. Knowing what to look out for is something that’s very important, and this can really help your health in line more often than not. If you can’t do this, then you’re really going to be finding yourself in an unhealthy situation, so try to keep this in check, and try to make sure that what you’re doing is focused around having a healthier living situation.

Molds and Fungus

Mold And Fungus Are Very Dangerous For Your Health
Mold And Fungus Are Very Dangerous For Your Health
Just about every single house out there has a ton of mold in it, and that’s not something that anyone wants to think about. That being said, it’s rarely a huge issue until you get some huge wet spots here and there…and that can just end up being incredibly unsafe for everyone involved. Mold can really end up messing up members of your household, especially if they happen to be allergic to it. That’s why you need to keep an eye out for it for sure.

Old Things in the Fridge

This Does Not Belong In Your Fridge
This Does Not Belong In Your Fridge
You might not think that the old food in your fridge can turn that noxious, but it really can. There are some pretty unhealthy things if they’re left alone for too long, and that includes leftovers of all types, as well as certain foods that definitely have an expiration date. Even if you have an unopened container of sour cream past the expiration date…that’s the sort of thing that can really end up hurting someone and end up giving people food poisoning if you aren’t on top of keeping your fridge clean and neat.

Mixing Ammonia and Bleach

While you’re trying to clean your house, you might find that you really want to mix some cleaning chemicals and end up having some great results. We don’t recommend doing this–ever. This especially applies to the noxious mix of ammonia and bleach which can end up killing you. This is tear gas, by the way, and that’s why it’s going to really burn your lungs, face, and eyes if you end up breathing in this mixture. You need to make sure that this never happens, as it’s going to be a pretty unsafe concoction if it does end up happening!

Ants and Insects in General

Insects Usually Get Behind The Paper-wall
Insects Can Get Behind Wall Paper
If you end up seeing insects in your home, you might think that it’s not that big of a deal, but it certainly can be. This can be a particularly awful part of your home that you’ve never realized, because if you see those insects running around casually, who knows what else they’re into? This is something that can really end up being a problem if you see it happen more often than not, and that’s why you need to really be on top of this particular issue. Make sure that you take the time to get rid of these pests the moment that you see them, or it can really turn into something bad.

4 Tips for Coping with a Less Frequent Paycheck Period

Do Not Waste Your Paycheck
Do Not Waste Your Paycheck
The frequency of your paycheck makes a huge difference when you’re trying to plan out your budget. Due to the fact that so many bills are staggered throughout the month, you need to plan carefully if you only get paid once per month. While some people are great financial planners and have no problem with this, it can be very hard if you have issues with successfully following a budget. This is good practice, though, for learning how to moderate your spending and understand how cash flow works. Here are four tips for learning how to deal with a less frequent paycheck and making your money stretch for longer.

Establish a Cushion

You should begin by establishing a cushion. Start building up a foundational balance that doesn’t go anywhere. When your bank balance depletes and then refills during payday, if possible try to make sure that it never dips below a certain point. This is a good way to make sure you don’t overdraft yourself, or if you end up needing more money than you first expected, you’ll have a safety net. It can be hard to work up to this if you don’t have a lot of extra income, but it’s worth slowly building. Once you start dipping below your balance, it can spell out financial disaster. Overdraft fees will drain your bank account, and it’s a downward spiral from there. Having a cushion in your bank account will ensure that you don’t start to falter in between pay periods.

Keep a Credit Card Handy

Always Have A Back-Up Plan
Always Have A Back-Up Plan
While it’s prudent to stay out of credit card debt as much as possible, it’s also good to have one or two for emergencies. This is why credit cards were created in the first place. Lines of credit are extended to people who can potentially pay the credit back. Credit card debt ending in bankruptcy, which is much more common these days, was never part of the plan. Therefore, don’t go overboard with your credit card, but keep one around with a low balance. This way, if you run into trouble or an emergency, you’ll have a back-up plan. The problem with a long time in between pay periods is that if you need immediate access to money and your bills have drained your bank account to a low balance, you won’t have it for a while. Using credit cards can also be a good thing as long as you pay off the balance during your next pay period. The longer you successfully posses and use a credit card, the more it improves your credit score. This can be a great boo to you in the future when you’ll need credit to purchase big ticket items like a home or a car.

Budget Carefully and Project

Save Wisely
Save Wisely
While having a budget is necessary, don’t forget to also project. Try using a more complex system of budgeting than just a pen and paper. You can use a spreadsheet to input all of your monthly income and what bills you need to pay by certain dates. This way, not only will you be more organized and have a better picture of where you stand financially, but you’ll also be able to project what your balance will be in the coming months. This allows you to successfully avoid falling into a trap where you find yourself with a zero balance two weeks before your next pay period. Slow and steady does it, and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to budgeting. You should also review your spending on a daily basis, because this is part of making sure that you’re not overspending. Budgeting yourself spending money by the week is also a helpful tactic.

Soft Kink: How to Inject Just a Little Thrill into the Bedroom

Getting Kinky
Getting Kinky
Even couples who have a really compatible sexual appetite can get bored now and then. The answer to any lingering boredom can be to inject a little thrill into the bedroom. That doesn’t mean that you have to break out the whips and chains. If neither you nor your girlfriend have really experimented with kinks before you want to start slow. You should turn up the heat slowly so that neither of you get burned. If you’re vanilla at heart then even a light touch of kink is going to be so intense that you’re going to be really enjoying yourself by the time you’re done. Here are some ideas for easing into something approaching a kinky sex life and enjoying every tiny step along the way.

Role Play Having a Kink

Role play has a lot of potential as a kink in its own right, but if you’re really not sure how a kink will go you and your girlfriend can just role play having it. For example, you can role play that you have a bondage kink. No one gets really tied up, and you never actually beat her even if she is a "disobedient bed slave." You just talk like you’re going to do those things, and she answers, and you can get the thrill that comes with the idea of those acts without those acts actually being involved. Starting slow is the best option here. If the role play starts to heat up you can make things just a little more real without crossing the line. In the role play you can pretend that that’s your agreement without having to actually do it.

Read Erotica to Each Other

Find A Common Ground And Build Everything From There
Find A Common Ground And Build Everything From There
If you want to know what she likes, ask her to pick out an erotic work of fiction for you to read to her. All it takes is a computer to be able to download free, self published erotica off of Amazon. You don’t even need a Kindle. If you browse through the titles together you can find something that you both enjoy, or you can each pick one and then trade. That’s a great way to figure out where each other stand when it comes to certain kinks. It opens communication and a door into figuring out what your girlfriend thinks about when she’s by herself.

Try Soft Bondage

If you like the idea of bondage but you don’t want to take it too far, you can do soft bondage. This could involve you wrapping something soft, like the tie to a bathrobe, around her wrists or it could involve something a lot more intense. You could also try holding her wrists above her head yourself. There’s a ton of variation within light bondage. You could never have to worry about running out of ways to try it even if you didn’t want to get into more hardcore immobility situations.

Experiment with Biting and Safe Words

Experiment A Little Bit With  Kinky Sex
Experiment A Little Bit With Kinky Sex
Even vanilla people wind up with hickeys, so it’s not a stretch to think that the two of you might enjoy a little biting. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s easy to control. There’s not much chance that you’ll seriously hurt her even if you were trying to. The human jaw is powerful, but you’re not going to accidentally bite her ear off. To add a little kinkier thrill to the game, though, don’t say "Stop" when you want to stop. Make up a safe word so that you can get the thrill of playing in a real BDSM style game even though you’re fine.

Embrace Lust as a Concept

If you want to turn up the heat in the bedroom then you and your girlfriend should talk about embracing lust. This means that you don’t make love every time, and you won’t even have sex. This would be fucking because she’s hot and available and you’re eager, and that’s what the two of you would have. It wouldn’t be every time, but changing your attitude about the act every once in a while could be the best thing that you’ve ever done for your sexual relationship. All of it will make your bed feel kinkier.